Saturday, 4 May 2013

A cover matters

It can create a brand new character of a song and make a great impression. Now You can be sure that it's not about books;) . YouTube enables all of the unknown artists to show off. 
Isn't it wonderful?
Unfortunately it's not guaranteed that anybody will discover and appreciate your little piece of art- your footprint in the sand.
I've been always amazed by those who have conquered YouTube. They made it!
A question is simple- how?

1.Mike Tompkins (pictures 3,4)
He : good looking talented
C.has electronics in his disposal very inventive
All of the answers are correct.
Why C. ? He produces all his own sounds using his voice and mouth- quite impressive, isn't it?
My favourite song performed by him is a mashup of 'All Night Long' and 'Unbroken'.

2.Cimorelli (pictures 5,6)
It's a singing group made of six crazy sisters.
They started in 2007 when they inserted their first covers into YouTube.
In 2009 they became clients of Sugababes' manager and since then their career has gained momentum.
Listen to 'Perfect' and... believe it or not- it's perfect;)

3.Christina Grimmie (pictures 1,2)
Meet a talented 19-year-old singer and songwriter.
She is best known for the cover of Nelly's song 'Just a dream' (about 70 million views!).
Since 2010 her manager is Selena Gomez's stepfather.
This year she released her new album- 'TBA' and won one of the Radio Disney Music Awards.
She has also collaborated with Mike Tompkins on e.g. a mix of 'Fall Out Boy' and 'Girl on fire'. Must see!

Mike, Christina and Cimorelli are just a few artists who became popular thanks to YouTube.
They set an example of the way how everybody (with a pinch of talent and invention)
can start their career in showbiz- at least start;)

I hope You've liked this post after, well.... kind of big break.
WE hope that You'll wait patiently for the next one. Maybe less than a month but a little break can happen;)
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