Friday, 24 May 2013

How to RELAX???

A question in the topic can be treated quite personally,  but there are a few universal ways to calm Your mind. But firstly, I have to to apologize for my rude behaviour- I haven't introduced myself. Here are some obvious facts- I'm a girl living in Cracow, Poland, what I'm proud of. I love photography and travelling. In the future I want to combine earning a living with these two passions. Impossible? Of course not;) Nothing is impossible for those who believe. Another obvious fact- I come from a non-english speaking country. Although I learn this beautiful language for over 10 years, I still have to be very careful with both grammar and vocab (sorry for my countless mistakes;) ).
...this is me;)

Now I get to the point. Imagine that You woke up today at 5.30 a.m. in order to avoid traffic jams, but on Your way to the work/school You notice an accident on a road. You get stuck and find out that You have 20 minutes left o get to the work/school... You are late of course and the boss/teacher is mad at You.- A perfect beginning of a day, right? And the worst thing is that's just one of the typical days (maybe except for the accident). Even somebody with very strong nerves won't be able to survive it without relaxation.
How do I relax? I get away from it all for a while. The best way of course (for me personally) is to go somewhere far, far away like e.g. to the ountryside. Are You surprised? I'd be happy if You were, because that would mean You've read my post, where I said:
'I fancy something that is quite different- big city life.
It's not just about the cafés and shopping malls.
It's the philosphy of life- maybe to hectic, but I'm still in love with it. 
I can't imagine myself living somewhere else like e.g. in a village. 
Am I a city slicker? So what? ;)'
I can say now that I've changed my mind a bit (just a little bit;)). I think that everybody has to go somewhere else once in a while- that's a human nature- we used to live a nomadic life.

But what if You can't go anywhere? Find a second best of what You miss the most. You want to be a child again? Eat Your favourite dish from that period. You miss Your trip to China? 
Look at the pictures You've made. etc. 
Ideas  above are quite passive, aren't they? Good news for the lovers of movement- running, fitness and yoga- they can make You forget about Your problems for a moment. The only thing You'll think about will be: 'My legs are buuuurning';)
And the most important thing- REMEMBER- under no circumsances should You eat sweets when You're under pressure. They'll only make it worse. The scientists found out that a feeling after eating a large amount of chocolate is similar to hangover. 
Do You really want to experience it?;)

I hope You've read the whole post and that You guys liked it:*
Leave a comment and wait for the next post. A spoiler to it is, that it will contain a few interesting -don't worry- not those 'break-up'-facts about celebrities. I can't wait! 
How about You?