Friday, 21 June 2013

My faves

It's really hard to pick a few favourite pics, You know.
That's why I've chosen more than a few. Each of them tells a story. My story.
They're all really valuable for me. 
Now I'll share with You those moments with which they're connected.

Discovering Małopolska with my friend Dorothy, 2013. Irreplaceable
 Provence, 2012. It was hot but beautiful.
 Surroundings of Cracow, 2012. A kind of magic.
 Cracow, 2012/13. Happy New Year!
 Paris, 2012. A rare, quiet moment in the hustle and bustle of city life.

 Paris, 2012. City of love.
 Orlean, 2012. This photo won a 4. place in a competition 
(about 100 pics were judged, sooo... yeah ;) )

 Weimar, 2012. In Goethe's house. In the house of  Master.

 Cracow, 2012. My first photoshoot in a concept store;)

 Somewhere in Bayern, 2012. I couldn't buy these vegetables;'(

 Cracow, 2013. A reward after a looong day of work.

 Toruń, 2012. Just after baking a gingerbread!

 Somewhere in Małopolska, 2012. Great experience.

 Paris, 2012. A lonely girl in a big city.

 Somewhere in Poland, 2013. Close-up to nature.

 London, 2010. London Eye, here I aaaam!

Some of the pics above You might have seen already. But not with a comment;)
I hope it was a nice reading for Ya.
 Now I have to go. I'm travelling to Warsaw today with my friend Barbra . 
Maybe will see each other there? :*


  1. Great photos. Like the tone of this blog - relaxed city life with bit of countryside for extra warmth when needed!

  2. really nice pics, esp. those taken in France;)

  3. Autumn in Cracow, personal fav ;)