Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Good example

What is so special about this country?
I have only been there twice and I'm already in love with it. Am I mad or something?!
Nooo, look at the offer of this pretty cool shop with stuff for people like me ;) :Union Jack Gifts
What do we have here...? 
Not just Union Jack t-shirts, mugs and posters but also underwear, panties -- yoga mats, pet stuff, golf balls... yep. That's enough for me, but You can find much more interesting items of all kinds 
(and sizes ^^) on their website.
Does anyone else have any doubts what country I'm talking about?
No? Cool ;)

I think is actually really nice, that in the UK they have such a wide offer of stuff with their flag on each item. In my country (Poland) ...I don't know, how to call it... We're ashamed of our flag or something. Not all of us, of course. It's just... not like in other countries where yo can see their flags everwhere, not just in shops with souvenirs and that kind of stuff. Here's an example:

OK, right... Maybe in this case it's too radical, but look at that:

Nice trainers ;) I haven't found any cool trainers with polish flag, no- actually I haven't found any. At all.
It's not like I don't like the way our flag looks like. I thinks it's very beautiful and minimalistic...
But there is no good and fashionable stuff with Polish national symbols to wear on the streets. T-shirts are only designed to be worn by football funs and tourists. 
So I call on all of the Polish fashion designers to create something with Polish flag that could be worn not only during the football matches but also in everyday life. 

Photos come from different websites, click on them and You'll see the address.


  1. Everything is great, but... why isn't that guy wearing any pants? :P

    1. good question, Josh ;)
      It's such a shame that I don't know the answer ^^