Friday, 13 February 2015

My life as Mystique

I wake up early in the morning, do some stretching and go straight to the bathroom. I brush my hair, take a shower. Nothing special. Maybe except for the fact that my skin is blue and I have yellow eyes. After all, I'm Mystique.

*Do you really wanna get to know me better? As you wish. I am a mutant- I have the X-Gene which makes it possible for me to change my shape. I can even become a raven if I want to.*

After my morning routine I simply try not to be blue, leave my apartment and do something productive e.g. kill a few twits. Then I come back home, sit back and relax.

Ok, now I've woken up for real. I'm a normal (?) person with abnormal dreams. I'm also a huge fan of the "X-Men" movies, comics and cartoons. My favourite character, as you may have already guessed, is Mystique. Why is that?- you may ask. Well, to be honest, in the past, comics had never been my thing. That changed when I became a fan of Jennifer Lawrence, who played Mystique in two of the "X-Men" movies. I have become really keen on comics since then. I started to imagine that I was one of the mutants. Not superheroes but mutants. It's a very different thing. Mutants aren't made of steel. Well, some of them are, but you know what I mean. They are more like human beings- they have similar problems, experience joy, anger and sadness...
Becoming Mystique could be a great way to feel compassion for others, if only she wasn't so fierce and heartless. But you can always say that that's the fault of the X-Gene, right?

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