Friday, 22 February 2013

Angels and the city

 Summer. Sun, see, beach. Drink with a straw. Really???
Definitely not for me. I fancy something that is quite different- big city life.
It's not just about the cafés and shopping malls.
It's the philosphy of life- maybe to hectic, but I'm still in love with it. 
I can't imagine myself living somewhere else like e.g. in a village. 
Am I a city slicker? So what? ;)

Greetings from Warsaw 
(the pics have been taken there).
No, I don't live in this city (yet).

Have You been there too?

Saturday, 16 February 2013

'I have fallen in love with this place...'

A very friendly place. Although it's close to the Main Square, 
it's not as crowded and commercial as other places in its surroundings 
but really charming and inspiring.

Go upstairs and dicover a must-see concept store 
full of designer, gorgeous objects.

 What do You think about this place? 
Have You been there already?
And how do You like my photos?

If You are interested, there are more of my pictures on my fanpage ;)
Have a nice day!

Friday, 8 February 2013

'Mommy, look what I've found!'

 Imagine a white, empty (almost) space. 
You're driving a car with your annoying family, 
listening to a caterwauling music on the radio and generally dropping off.
Suddenly You hear Your younger sister 
screaming with excitement: 'Mommy, look what I've found!' pointing at the sky. 
I'm wide awake.
Hot-air balloons! What a view!

After my request we headed towards the airport 
near Nowy Targ ( an hour to Cracow, Poland)
where the event was taking place.
We neared enough to take some nice close-up pictures.

What do You think about them?
I'm waiting for Your comments!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Visiting row houses

Toruń is famous for many things- gingerbread, Copernicus and... 
gothic row houses (als called town houses) situated on the Old City Market Square. 
What is so special about them? A long history? Rich colours and ornaments? Accomodation? Everything mentioned. To be honest with You, I have to say that what I've liked the most was the texture of a facade when the sun reached its zenith (Picture 5.) 
and  when streets were empty (Picture 3.). 
It was so hot that only tourists (Picture 6.) -and me- decided to go out 
and get sunburned...