Friday, 18 October 2013

Different each day

Evening is my favourite part of the day. Not only because I can finally go to sleep after a tiring day (it depicts just the school year) but also because of the sunset. In our house in Cracow we have a beautiful view of the city and at the end of the day, if the sky is not covered with a thick layer of clouds, I love to watch the free spectacle of colors, visible in the sky. This year, when I was spending vacation at the seaside with my family, I made a documentary of every sunset I saw. Below You can see some of my favourites, each one of its kind. 

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Friday, 11 October 2013

Where the Hell is Kitchen?!

Nothing compares to time spent with friends. Nothing compares to sushi. 
If  You add them together, You get a recipe for a perfect evening
Do You want to know how to prepare a quick and healthy dinner for Your buddies? Here it is:

-rice for sushi (not neccessarily this kind of rice, but it's important for it to be sticky not granular)
-salmon fillet (smoked is reportedly healthier and tastes better)
-Sushi Nori seaweed sheets
-vegeables- cucumber, tomatos, peppers, carrots, fill in the blank                   
-salt, to taste
-ginger/pickled ginger, if You like
-soya sauce

You'll also need:
-one bamboo mat for sushi
-Kitchen Knife
-chop-sticks (six or more)

Cook the rice in a way it's written on the package.
Peel the vegetables and cut them into small stripes.
Put Sushi Nori on the bamboo mat, 
place a thick layer of cooked rice on Sushi Nori.
Than put the salmon fillet and vegetables 
(cut into small pieces) on the rice :)
Roll Your sushi with the help of a bamboo mat.
Then cut it into pieces with a Kitchen Knife.
Place the sushi rolls on the plate, 
pour the soya sauce into a small bowl.
Here's the effect. More or less ;)

Unfortunately our sushi rolls weren't as perfect as those in the picture 
and it was quite dark-- and my hands were shaking, 
so it was impossible for me to take good photos. 
However, it didn't disturb my great time with pals ;))

I hope You enjoyed my post in spite of the poor quality of my photos :P
The next time I'll remember to take the pictures at midday when the light is strongest.
I'm of the old school- still don't have camera light. 

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Saturday, 5 October 2013

My Warsaw adventure

I didn't want my journey to be a typical touristic trip. I wanted something more, discover different shade of the city. Easier said than done. I couldn't resign from visiting a few places and taking part in some events. That's why my stay in Warsaw- capital city of Poland- wasn't as original and creative as it was meant to be. However I'm glad that I did what I did. If I hadn't done those things that I describe below, I would have been asked countless questions like- 'You have been to Warsaw and You haven't done this b*tch?!' So, yep. I did this ;))

If You decide to visit Copernicus Science Center, bear in mind the fact that You'll spend at least half of a day there. Unfortunately I had only two hours to be there because otherwise I'd miss my train back to Cracow. Nooo, in fact not. When we (me and my friend Barbra) reached the train station, it turned out that my train would be half an hour late. Typical.

 'The Copernicus Science Centre is operating in its official building since 2010. However the idea for such a construction in Warsaw dates back to the late 90s, when the Science Picnic and Science Festival became a huge success. In 2004, after an agreement had been signed by the President of Warsaw, Minister of Science and Minister of Education, the Centre’s construction project has been launched.'
 Quess what- there are just 10 Starbucks caffees in Poland and 6 of them are situated in Warsaw. Where the hell is justice?? If You find out, tell me.

Wianki nad Wisłą (literally 'Flower coronets by Wisła river') is an annual event in a memento of a Slavic holy day. The only thing during that day that reminds us of its origin are flower coronets worn by some women and children. In fact the whole event is a huge party with fireworks, air shws etc. Many stars and so-called stars perform on the stage situated close to the Wisła river and the tickets are for free, so I couldn't miss the opportunity to be there. And I don't regret ;)

 This pic has been taken by me at the terrace during my visit in The Palace of Culture and Science (PolishPałac Kultury i Nauki) in Warsaw- the tallest building in Poland, the sixth tallest building in the European Union the 187th tallest building in the world. The building was originally known as the Joseph Stalin Palace of Culture and Science, but  Stalin's name was removed from the interior lobby and one of the building's sculptures. Now, on account of its cotroversial origin, residents of Warsaw sometimes call The Palace of Culture and Science Stalin's syringe, the Elephant in Lacy Underwear, or  Russian Wedding Cake;)
And this is how it looks:
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Friday, 4 October 2013

Beach life

I know, I know... Summertime is far behind us. So what? Can't I post a few of my favs from that wonderful period? ;) Some of them are quite banal and I admit, there is nothing extraordinary about them. So why have I posted them? The answer is simple. I have great memories connected with them like: a few slightly bitter feuds with my parents, sand in my underwear (?!), sunburned skin etc. Yeah, it was nice. And the pictures show it. So now I share those awesome moments with You, guys! :)
Laaazy afternoon...
Sandy Lacoste (!)
More and more people...
Polish Border Guard heading towards horizon
What exactly is the reason why people are throwing money on this thing?!
Crazy boy! Is he going to do the NASA-thing?
...and even more crazy shit...
Something for children...
Happy couple :)
Somebody prefers barefoot style.
Love till death. Really?
Upside down house.
My little sis reaching the summit.
 I think the Polish Border Guard is keeping an eye on me. Ups! ;)
Amber, where are you?

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