Saturday, 6 April 2013

Everything is possible. the power of iLLusiON.

 MOCAK - Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow ;)

Photos come from the following exhibitions:

The exhibition presents the works of designers who have set out to search for the ways to save the planet by focusing on the promotion of self-sufficient communities, the improvement of the efficiency of the infrastructure and the development of new materials.

This exhibition, previously shown at the Zachęta National Gallery in Warsaw, attempts to present the history of Galeria Akumulatory 2 in Poznań – a place that for the eighteen years of its activity provided a non-commercial exhibition space for artists from all over the world. Throughout, Galeria Akumulatory 2 was an important spot on the map of artistic Poland.

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If You're wondering, whose hands are in the first picture, 
I can tell You that they belong to my brother. :3