Thursday, 17 January 2013

Bayern with a lot of love

In  one of the previous posts I have told You about my personal bonds with that area. 
Now it's high time to tell You something about the region. Bayern is the biggest province (Bundesland) located in south-eastern Germany. It is a pefect place for tourists because of the Alps, gorgeous lakes and historical places. 
And now something about traditions. 
You might have heard about 'Oktoberfest'. 
Yes, You certainly have because the festival is connected with beer ;).
'Oktoberfest' has taken place every year since 1810 at the turn of September and October in  München- the capital city of Bayern. 
People from all over the world come here to celebrate and taste the wonderful german beer and sausages. The statistics show that nearly 6,5 million people take part in 'Oktoberfest' every year. 
Unfortunately... we didn't. So I don't have any photos;) 
If You want to check out how  the festival looks like, visit its official website: 
or simply take part in it this year. I certainly will;)

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