Sunday, 27 January 2013

Little things that make us satisfied

It was really hot (boiling hot, I should say). 
I belonged to those daring (reckless) people who went out on a steaming asphalt. 
My intentions were pure- I wanted to discover Toruń- one of the most charming towns in Poland. Unfortunately, I chose a wrong time- the end of  July, which ist probably the hottest month in this country. In spite of those circumstances I was able to learn something:
Toruń (also: Thorn, Thorunia, Torunium)  is one of the oldest towns in Poland. 
It has a really gripping history and traditions. The most worth visiting is the main square with its surroundings (Old City Town Hall, Gingerbread Museum,  
Centre of Contemporary Art "Znaki Czasu" , Nicolaus Copernicus House, Astronomy Observatory)
If You are intrigued to know more, Visit Toruń or just wait for the next post:)

The pictures above have been taken inside one of those lovely junk shops in the centre of the town 
(1., 3., 4., 6.) and Old City Town Hall (2., 5.). 
A bit of art (and air-conditioning) saved me from an impact of blistering heat.

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