Saturday, 28 September 2013

Shopping madness

Today me and my friends- fabulous gingerNaya and awesome Mary went shopping. But it wasn't a normal, weekly shopping- it was: SHOWROOM.PL x KRAKÓW OFFLINE SALE.
SHWRM is a website gathering many great young Polish designers like Lana Nguyen. We were realy lucky to meet her in person. GingerNaya even bought a T-shirt with a print: 'stressed. depressed. but well dressed' designed by her! 
I managed to buy a baseball jacket from NinetyEight Clothing ;)
I'm really happy but I regret one think- that I couldn't make an interview with all those designers. I'm sure they'd have a lot of interesting things to say... Maybe next year I'll have the opportunity to do that.

Anyway, the event took place in a very interestig and controversial place- FORUM Przestrzenie. It was a hotel till 2002 when the foundations started getting wet. In 2010 the car park and shops in the basement were flooded. Yep. Right now the main function of the building is being the longest billboard in Poland. In it's parts where the water hasn't come yet and the ceiling hasn't fallen down, You can sit and relax while having a tee, coffee, lemonade, whatever. It's enough to say that atmosphere is really cosmopolitan and artistic at the same time :)

I wouldn't be myself if I didn't invite You to our fanpage, so click on link below and check out the fresh, brand new design!

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