Friday, 4 October 2013

Beach life

I know, I know... Summertime is far behind us. So what? Can't I post a few of my favs from that wonderful period? ;) Some of them are quite banal and I admit, there is nothing extraordinary about them. So why have I posted them? The answer is simple. I have great memories connected with them like: a few slightly bitter feuds with my parents, sand in my underwear (?!), sunburned skin etc. Yeah, it was nice. And the pictures show it. So now I share those awesome moments with You, guys! :)
Laaazy afternoon...
Sandy Lacoste (!)
More and more people...
Polish Border Guard heading towards horizon
What exactly is the reason why people are throwing money on this thing?!
Crazy boy! Is he going to do the NASA-thing?
...and even more crazy shit...
Something for children...
Happy couple :)
Somebody prefers barefoot style.
Love till death. Really?
Upside down house.
My little sis reaching the summit.
 I think the Polish Border Guard is keeping an eye on me. Ups! ;)
Amber, where are you?

Did You enjoy my post? I hope so! ;)
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