Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Remember when you were browsing through the the fashion magazine recently? There is one city name that is always there, next to London, Paris and New York. Did you guess correcty? Yes, it's Milan! And I was lucky enough to be there during this year Milan Fasion Week! I even get a chance to see famous Kendall Jenner twice (doing her interview and then visiting the city).

I always thought that this magical italian sense of style and interest in fashion is just accurate a couple of fasion freaks or rich people who have nothing else to do but since the very first day in Milan I've changed my mind completly.
I saw hundreds of average people like me wearing things I thought I would never in a million years wear and looking amazing! I have to admitt I spied some new trends which I'm going to try in Poland ;-).

Unfortunately I can't share any streetwear fasion photos with you because usually when someone dressed in a way I liked was passing my by in the street I was just looking at him or her and thinking: 'Woooow! How did you do it?' and usually it was too late to take a photo. That's a shame to admitt it but usually people who are dressed in a traditional normal way are just tourist and you can always recognize them in a crowd of well-dressed, unusual looking people. I was surprised to see a lot of older people and men (!) experimenting with fashion which is hardly seen in Poland and in many other countries. Milan is a city full of contradictions - old architecture mixed with modern fashion, Chanel or Versace boutiques just a few steps from shops like ZARA or H&M. That's the thing I've always wanted to happen in my city - Kraków.

Another beautiful thing about Milan is its architecture.
(Not to mention the food that has already made me gain some unexpected pounds...)

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