Monday, 17 November 2014

Greece part 3- Athens

Oh, guys... You have no idea how I've missed blogging. It has been a huge part of my life. It has helped me express myself and overcome my fear and shyness. Why did I give it up then? The truth is, I didn't. Not completely. Since I posted the last photos on my blog, I had this persistent thought: 'Come back. Do what you love.' However, it wasn't  as easy as it may sound. 

On the 1st of October I started to study applied linguistics in Warsaw. It wasn't like a snap of a finger, but a long, long process- preparations, saying goodbye to my house, family and, last but not least, my great, irreplacable friends. The thought of leaving it all behind was unbearable, believe me. Now I sound like a hypocrite. I wanted this, right? All of this mess, transformation from a high school girl into an indepentent woman. Well, that will have to wait. I'm a student getting most of my money from my parents, which naturally makes me dependent on them... But I'm away from home. I have to do everything on my own, which wouldn't be so bad if not for the fact that I also have to prepare for my studies, which sucks.

High school was a pure pleasure in comparison with what I have to deal with now. It's a shame that we appreciate many things when their gone. I'm experiencing it now myself. On one hand, I chose the subject of my studies, but on the other I've always considered languages a hobby. Hobbies are supposed to be fun, right? Studies are too, to some extent. Meaning: parties. The rest is just a hard work. The first shocking thing for me was the great amount of text that I was supposed to print. In fact, at the beginning all I did was print, copy, print, copy... And I thought that it was enough to be an excellent student. Ha.

Now I'm kinda used to this whole system of studying. Being a future linguist, or whatever, has one major virtue- I have much less tests in comparison with my friends who study scientific or economic subjects. However, I'll never be perfectly, thoroughly educated. I'll always lack a certain amount of knowledge on the subject. 

Enough of my complains. Let's finally get to the point of this post- Athens- city of contrasts. We visited the capital of Greece last July. It was really hot, so I found it really hard to upload a photo without my face looking like a tomato. Even though the warmth was more warm than it should be, I found our day trip really pleasant and I can't say I didn't enjoy it. 

First of all, GRAFFITI. How could I possibly not mention it? Well, graffiti fans, great news for you- in Athens it is basically everywhere, maybe except for ancient buildings. Greeks are really creative- they know how to create something from nothing (meaning: jobs), but most of all, they are awesome artists. I'm not talking just about the architects and painters but also musicians, photographers, writers. Here are some awesome street photographers: Eric KimSpyros PapaspyropoulosAndreas Paradise. Check out their portfolios to find out how Athens's diverse cultures meet on the same wavelength. I also hope that you will enjoy my humble portfolio in this post ;)

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