Friday, 11 October 2013

Where the Hell is Kitchen?!

Nothing compares to time spent with friends. Nothing compares to sushi. 
If  You add them together, You get a recipe for a perfect evening
Do You want to know how to prepare a quick and healthy dinner for Your buddies? Here it is:

-rice for sushi (not neccessarily this kind of rice, but it's important for it to be sticky not granular)
-salmon fillet (smoked is reportedly healthier and tastes better)
-Sushi Nori seaweed sheets
-vegeables- cucumber, tomatos, peppers, carrots, fill in the blank                   
-salt, to taste
-ginger/pickled ginger, if You like
-soya sauce

You'll also need:
-one bamboo mat for sushi
-Kitchen Knife
-chop-sticks (six or more)

Cook the rice in a way it's written on the package.
Peel the vegetables and cut them into small stripes.
Put Sushi Nori on the bamboo mat, 
place a thick layer of cooked rice on Sushi Nori.
Than put the salmon fillet and vegetables 
(cut into small pieces) on the rice :)
Roll Your sushi with the help of a bamboo mat.
Then cut it into pieces with a Kitchen Knife.
Place the sushi rolls on the plate, 
pour the soya sauce into a small bowl.
Here's the effect. More or less ;)

Unfortunately our sushi rolls weren't as perfect as those in the picture 
and it was quite dark-- and my hands were shaking, 
so it was impossible for me to take good photos. 
However, it didn't disturb my great time with pals ;))

I hope You enjoyed my post in spite of the poor quality of my photos :P
The next time I'll remember to take the pictures at midday when the light is strongest.
I'm of the old school- still don't have camera light. 

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  1. Your photos aren't bad at all ;) I'd even say that they're artistic.
    Congrats for sense of humour :D